Minimizing Risks to Your Brand Reputation

Build Your Processes to Maintain Brand Equity

Maintain a Strong Brand in Times of Crisis

It takes years to build a successful brand, but it can be destroyed in a fraction of that time. A communication strategy is a critical element of any company’s food safety program, and all points throughout the process must be thoroughly planned and tested.

To really challenge your product recall and crisis management plan, our experts help you test your people, process and systems. We simulate actual recalls and food safety-related events as close to real life as possible, so you can have total confidence in your ability to handle a crisis.

Developing an Integrated Communications Plan

Leveraging all available channels in food safety communications is a sign of a great food safety program. These channels include press releases, broadcast media and call centers, and most importantly, social media platforms.

We help make sure our partners have social media plans in place that contemplate how product recalls will be communicated and monitored, and how the platform can be best utilized on a day-to-day basis. With our help, companies develop customized social media strategy plans that incorporate their food safety programs and strategies that balance each company’s corporate risk tolerance.

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