Because Confidence Matters

In an increasingly complex environment, Matrix Sciences brings together the expertise, resources and support needed to partner with food manufacturers. The results: the information they require to make informed decisions with confidence, and the production of safe, quality food for consumers.

Our Enabling Principles

  • Expertise
    Our advisory services, our evaluation of results and our process are backed by our ongoing investments in industry-leading expertise.
  • Integrity
    We build the trust of our clients by doing the right thing … always.
  • Communication
    We focus on timely, clear and concise communication, so that our customers have the information they need to make critical decisions.

Our Acquisitions

Matrix Sciences is comprised of six companies that combine to deliver accurate and insightful information to food manufacturers.

Northland Laboratories

Since 1949, Northland Laboratories has earned its reputation of exceptional service in each of its core capabilities for Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Sensory Analysis.

Richter International 

Richter International combines a rare depth and breadth of experience to provide comprehensive solutions that span Microbiological Analysis, Food Safety and Quality Consulting, and Research and Development.

Neumann Risk Services

Neumann Risk Services provides consulting services to the food and beverage industry. The group evaluates and assesses food safety, regulatory, legal and brand risks to ultimately achieve regulatory compliance and best-in-class protection programs.

Matrix Sciences Analytics

Matrix Sciences Analytics has the most innovative dashboard and reporting toolkit. The advanced analytics software allows access, sharing and exporting of laboratory data in high-level or detailed reports.

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory (PAL) provides highly-specialized services, specifically in pesticide residue testing of plant-based products, with excellent service and expertise.

Contract Testing, Inc.

Contract Testing, Inc. provides specialization and the unique service offering in Sensory Research capabilities.

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