Introducing Virtual Services from Matrix Sciences

Virtual Services for the Food Industry.

We are keeping you informed by providing industry updates and partnering with our clients to put practical response and mitigation strategies in place to best protect your employees, your supply chain, your customers, and your continuity of business.

This is a time of unprecedented change—in our world, communities, companies and the way we do business, and in our families. Food companies are experiencing this change first-hand, grabbling with disruption in supply chains and new workforce realities. Food Safety is an area that can’t get overlooked right now. The companies that are best prepared to proactively work through these changes will thrive.

Examples of services available during the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Virtual Assessments and Audits: We have developed a methodology for leveraging technology to perform virtual audits. We can customize to your existing on-site assessments. The value add is you get a video record for future reference—something you do not receive in a standard on-site assessment.
  • Supplier Approval: Assistance with approving new suppliers given the widespread supply chain disruption.
  • Environmental Monitoring / Sanitation: Advice on immediate and ongoing sanitation and testing strategies, including cleaning your environment to prevent infections of your workforce.
  • Restaurant Pre-Operational Assessments: We are here to help our restaurant partners be ready to get back up and running as soon as this crisis is over.
  • COVID-19 Related Advisory Package: Advice on the numerous questions of uncertainty involving legal, regulatory, & compliance questions, including development of SOPs, re-assessment of business continuity and crisis plans, and assessing employer / employee responsibilities.