Consumer Testing

Measuring Consumer Preference and Acceptance

Gain a Clear Understanding of Consumer Perspectives

The key to a successful Consumer Panel—whether qualitative or quantitative—is coordinating a test design that solicits comprehensive feedback to achieve the goal of your project. To that end, our Sensory Insights team partners with you to gain a clear understanding of the project and test objective.

This information is essential to ensure the correct demographic of consumers is recruited to participate in the test, along with the correct testing methodology and sample selection.

Benefit From Comprehensive Consumer Testing

Consumer testing, performed in our Mount Prospect, IL facility, can help you successfully launch a new product into the marketplace. Some of the ways you might test include:

  • Screening a larger number of possible prototypes to a smaller manageable subset
  • Determining overall preference or liking of a product or product category by a group of consumers from a particular demographic 
  • Gaining preference or liking of the product’s sensory properties (appearance, aroma, flavor and texture)
  • Identifying how a product compares to the competition or how a cost reduction may impact a product’s acceptance or preference
  • Focus groups, interviews or observational research to measure a consumer’s response concerning the sensory properties of a product
  • A focus group paired with a home-use-test to detect any issues with product performance and meeting consumer expectations

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