Confidence in Times of Crisis

Comprehensive recall, crisis and business continuity planning and response

Advanced Preparation is Key

At Matrix Sciences, our industry experts build integrated recall and crisis management plans that make sure your team is well prepared before a recall or crisis strikes. We’re here to help advise our partners on the regulations and most effective recall strategies for their specific products, distribution channels and public health risk.

Services include:

• Plan Development and Enhancement

• Recall Investigation & Determination Advice

• Recall/Crisis Strategy and Execution

• Recall /Crisis Simulations and Training

Asking the Tough Questions

We build and test your programs while it’s calm so you can have confidence in their ability to succeed in a time of crisis. We ask the tough questions in advance, including:

  • Is your recall plan updated for new requirements found in new regulations?
  • Have you defined a process for conducting a meaningful health hazard evaluation?
  • Are the recall classifications and your recall team clearly defined?
  • How will potentially recalled products be retrieved or disposed of in a manner that doesn’t create new food safety risks?
  • Is there a social media strategy in place that is both proactive and ready for response within minutes of a food safety related crisis?
  • What is your team’s communications and PR plan for recalls involving food-borne illness outbreaks?

Providing guidance throughout this process allows our partners to act confidently in critical situations.

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