From Complexity

Evolving regulations, global supply chains and consumer preference combine to make the challenge of bringing safe food to market increasingly complex.

To Clarity

The scope of our services and the depth of our expertise put the information that we provide in context and this gives clarity

To Confidence

Everything that we do is designed to allow our customers to make critical decisions with confidence

The Vision

To Lead the market by uniquely fulfilling the need for a full-service solution provider that provides unparalleled support for food safety and business decisions. The work we do is important … and so the way we do it is equally important.

The way we work and the way we communicate matters. Our customers and the public rely on our integrity to protect the things that matter.
We keep our promises by ensuring that we set an exceptional standard in everything we do.
We understand the importance of continually innovating to improve our ability to develop and deliver services and solutions that address the needs of the market.

Portfolio & Partners

Northland Laboratories has a earned its reputation for providing exceptional service in each of its core capabilities for Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Sensory Analysis.

Richter International combines a rare depth and breadth of experience to provide comprehensive solutions that span microbiologial Analysis, Food Safety and Quality Consulting and Research and Development.

NRS provides consulting services by assisting the food and beverage industry in evaluating and assessing food safety, regulatory, legal, and brand risks to ultimately achieve regulatory compliance and best-in-class protection programs.

Our analytics division provides the most innovative dashboard and reporting toolkit that uses advanced analytics software allowing you to access, share and export your laboratory data in high level or detailed reports.

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory (PAL) provides highly-specialized services specific in pesticide residue testing of plant-based products providing excellence in service and expertise.

Services & Solutions

Microbiological Testing

  • Rapid Pathogen Methods
  • Conventional Methods
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Investigational samples

Food Chemistry

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Vitamin and Mineral Analysis
  • Allergens
  • Contaminants


  • Consumer Acceptance/Preference Testing
  • Discrimination/Difference Testing
  • Descriptive Analysis Testing
  • Product Shelf Life Testing


  • Program Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • In-plant investigations
  • Supplier Qualification


  • Process Validation and Challenge Testing
  • Method Development
  • Evaluation of antimicrobials
  • Evaluation of food formulations for microbial and physical stability
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